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SEGAL COACHING ACADEMY (SCA) is the learning site of SEGAL COACHING LLC and the home of our cohorts, workshops and other programs.

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Our Programs include:

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  • General Counsel Masterminds (coming soon)

  • Executive Leadership Cohorts

  • GC Interview Prep Workshops

  • Interviewing for Introverts (TM) Workshops

Cohorts, Workshops & Courses

Testimonials for Our Cohorts, Workshops and Other Programs

ELC Member (2022-2023)

Tom O.

Very good experience overall and grateful for the opportunity to participate. As someone who has ended up spending a significant block of time at one organization, the opportunity to interact in-depth with senior legal leaders from different companies and industries helped me to broaden my perspective and helped me to start building up confidence.

Having the opportunity to see very accomplished and seasoned leaders grappling with various career challenges in an up close and personal way helped me to see that I am not the only person struggling to grow and develop a meaningful and successful career. I was also lucky to have a supportive cohort who were generous both in their candid feedback and genuine words of encouragement over the months. Finally, I appreciated that the topics and pre-reads were all designed to help me realize that my fundamental challenge was to figure out what I was looking to accomplish with my career.

All the topics were very core, orthodox career development topics which provided a great framework for discussion. However, I personally found the “practical tips” from fellow cohort members to be invaluable—real peek behind the curtain which one does not typically get (e.g., I recently started using “One Note” to organize key e-mails and personal notes upon advice from my cohort).

I thought the discussion topics and preparatory materials were all very useful and thought provoking. I also liked the small group follow-up concept and the opportunity to interact with colleagues outside of the core cohort.

ELC Member (2022-2023)

Laura M.

I found the sessions very valuable, learned something from each session, and felt supported by my peer group. I looked forward to each session.

It was a great help in figuring out my next steps, and indirectly helped me find my next job. Helped boost my confidence as well as sense of well-being.

I am looking forward to the two spring “bridge” session topics the most!

Confidence Coaching Cohort Member (2023)

Ilana M.

The connections forged among the women in the group were genuine, and the contributions to our discussions were constructive and insightful. During our discussions, I felt listened to and supported and not judged. It was refreshing and eye-opening to hear from women in different industries/positions/cities, but who were all facing similar challenges in their careers. And it was helpful to take the time to reflect on things like the characteristics of effective leadership and exploring the boundaries of our comfort zones, which is something that rarely (if ever) happens while you are dealing with the day-to-day at work.

Interviewing for Introverts Workshop Participant (February 2023)

Director, Global Risk & Business Intelligence

I joined the workshop because I’ve always jumped easily into the next job opportunity, and it has been years since I’ve had to face the daunting prospect of a rigorous interview.

I was astonished to discover that my fellow attendees were like me: though they were accomplished professionals who were confident in their abilities, they were strangely unsure how to put their best foot forward in an interview. It was a comfort to realise I wasn’t alone.

Anne Marie and her team guided us through an informative and challenging workshop. They encouraged us, but they never coddled us.

I left the session with palpable confidence. I know where I can strengthen my presentation, and I can see clearly how I can better convey the value of my experience.

Absolutely worthwhile.

Interviewing for Introverts Workshop Participant (February 2023)

Legal and Compliance Professional

Thank you so much again for this workshop. I thought it was amazing and very insightful.

I also didn't expect some of the things I learned would be beneficial for my current role (how important body language is, always having a positive spin, eye contact, etc).

Looking forward to speaking with you and your team soon.

Interviewing for Introverts Workshop Participant (February 2023)


I absolutely enjoyed the seminar. I was able to meet other professionals that struggled with similar issues when being interviewed.

Some ideas your team shared on pivoting difficult answers or responses to sound authentic and professional literally blew my mind.

I am striving to be better at selling myself with the help of your team. I feel that you guys have done a great job encouraging me and pointing out my strengths and help building my confidence.

I appreciate all of you investing your time in me. You guys are truly a dream team!

Interviewing for Introverts Workshop Participant (February 2023)


Thank you for hosting the workshop. It was well organized, and the peer interviews were conducted well. So far I cannot think of any enhancements to make to it.

ELC Member (2022-2023)


I wanted to thank you for including me in the cohort. I learned a lot and from the materials and the other participants.

GC Interview Prep (March 2023)

GC Candidate

Absolutely fantastic session.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

GC Interview Prep (March 2023)

GC Candidate

I thought the program was well done. It is helpful to practice and I think, and hope, everyone felt at ease. It was a good mix to have the speakers as well. I like that you would cut to the chase and had comments that were productive, meaningful, and on-point during the interview practice sessions.

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Lead Instructor

Executive Coach / Facilitator Anne Marie Segal

ANNE MARIE SEGAL, founder and principal of Segal Coaching LLC, partners with board candidates, General Counsel and other senior and rising executives to expand their impact and advance their leadership trajectories.

As an executive coach and professional writer since 2015, Anne Marie works with individual clients at key transition points in their careers and on longer-term personal branding and leadership development projects. A significant number of these clients have partnered with Anne Marie for five years or more and sought her support through multiple job changes and/or promotions, including first-time and successive C-Suite roles.

More recently, she has launched a board candidate mastermind and several senior leadership cohorts that offer opportunities for facilitated discussions, group coaching and professional networking.

Anne Marie Segal

Executive & Leadership Coach

Segal Coaching LLC



Leadership Coach / Facilitator Paul Wagoner

Paul Wagoner is a leadership coach, career strategist, speaker and resume writer. He is a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and a candidate for certification in leadership and performance coaching (LPCC), resume writing (NCRW) and online branding (NCOPE). Prior to coaching, Paul spent 12+ years as a practicing attorney, including law firm, in-house, military and district attorney’s office roles, and served on the board of a nonprofit membership organization.

Paul Wagoner

Executive & Leadership Coach

Segal Coaching LLC


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