Key Takeaways

What you will learn from this course

  • Overview & Strategy

    How it all works - top to bottom - and a checklist to keep you organized. Ways you can approach LinkedIn. (It's not "one size fits all.") Making the platform work for you.

  • Profile Photo

    Why photos matter so much. What makes or breaks your profile photo. Preparing for a photo shoot. How to work with a photographer and get your best headshot.

  • Writing About Yourself

    Stepping outside of your own experience. Positioning yourself for your target roles, recruiters and significant points of connection. From key concepts to keywords, completing your summary, experience and other sections.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    How different aspects of your profile translate to data insights. Applicant Tracking System (ATS) software. How recruiters and others search for candidates online.

  • Activity + Networking

    How LinkedIn networks actually work (1st, 2nd and 3rd degree connections) and how you can leverage them. Being active on the platform - how to make that work for you.

  • Privacy

    The range of privacy considerations, how to elect them and what consequences each one has for you and your interactions on the platform.

What Is Included in the Course?

  • More than three hours of videos that provide an in-depth look at the key elements of the LinkedIn platform and profile drafting

  • Extensive, easily skimmable written guidance with top insights and detailed examples (such as headlines, job titles and skills) about how to handle common and special situations

  • Expert advice on job search through LinkedIn, the recruiter perspective, activity updates (that keep you front-of-mind and connected) and how AI and machine learning power the platform

  • A personalizable checklist so you can prioritize and keep track of revisions

  • Behind-the-scenes sample profile drafting, personal value proposition worksheets and writing prompts to help you get past writer's block and optimize your profile

  • Advice about authenticity, personal branding and individualized LinkedIn strategies from a leadership coach who is plugged into the executive community

Online Profiles for Executives: Intro to the Course

Course curriculum

    1. Getting the Most Out of This Course

    2. Four Weeks to a Better LinkedIn Profile: How to Calendar Your Revisions

    1. Personal Branding & Your LinkedIn Strategy

    2. Checklist of Action Items (That You Can Personalize and Use Again and Again)

    1. Your Profile: A "Top-to-Bottom" Cheatsheet for Each Section

    2. High-Level Profile Wins; What to Change If You Are Expect Recruiter Views of Your Profile (and Soon!)

    3. Overview Video: A Comprehensive Look at LinkedIn

    4. Leveraging Your Headline and Other Ways to Get "Found" on LinkedIn

    5. Positioning Yourself for an Internal Promotion, Board of Directors' Role or Multiple Targets

    1. LinkedIn's Greatest Challenge: Matchmaking at Scale

    2. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI + ML); How 1st, 2nd and 3rd Degree Connections Work

    3. Bonus Video: How AI + ML Drive the LinkedIn Platform

    4. Bonus Video: An Amusing Metaphor for Artificial Intelligence (One-Minute Break)

    5. How Recruiters Use LinkedIn

    6. The Role of ATS (applicant tracking systems); Company Pages on LinkedIn

    7. The Job Search Functions of LinkedIn (Easy Apply and Other Features)

    1. Evaluating your Current Headshot; Preparing for a New Photo Shoot

    2. Your Profile Photo

    3. Working with a Photographer

    4. Adjusting for Glasses in a Photo Shoot (and After)

    5. Omitting Your Photo to Avoid Potential Bias (Should You Do That?)

    6. Adding a Banner Above Your Headshot

    1. Thinking Expansively About Your Experience / Overcoming Writer's Block / What You Are Trying to Achieve

    2. LinkedIn Summary Styles: Choose the One that Fits You Best

About this course

  • $199.00
  • 50 lessons
  • 3.5 hours of video content


Executive Coach / Facilitator Anne Marie Segal

ANNE MARIE SEGAL, founder and principal of Segal Coaching LLC, partners with board candidates, General Counsel and other senior and rising executives to expand their impact and advance their leadership trajectories.

As an executive coach and professional writer since 2015, Anne Marie works with individual clients at key transition points in their careers and on longer-term personal branding and leadership development projects. A significant number of these clients have partnered with Anne Marie for five years or more and sought her support through multiple job changes and/or promotions, including first-time and successive C-Suite roles.

More recently, she has launched a board candidate mastermind and several senior leadership cohorts that offer opportunities for facilitated discussions, group coaching and professional networking.

Anne Marie Segal

Executive & Leadership Coach

Segal Coaching LLC

[email protected]

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  • What does this course include?

    This course includes expert advice and information to create a compelling LinkedIn profile that will attract recruiters, hiring managers and relevant connections to your profile. It also includes an overview of the top action items you can take to improve your profile. It does not include an individualized review, editing or additional advice.

  • How long can I access this course?

    From the moment you start the course, you will have 12 months to access the course and any updates that may be added (or longer, if this course is extended beyond that date).

  • Does the instructor have specialized expertise in LinkedIn?

    Anne Marie Segal is an executive and leadership coach, the CEO of Segal Coaching LLC and a former practicing attorney.

    She regularly advises board candidates, senior and rising executives and other professionals on LinkedIn profile writing and holds a certification as a Nationally Certified Online Profile Expert through the National Résumé Writers Association.

    She has also personally written hundreds of LinkedIn profiles for executives and other professionals.
  • Do I need to complete all of the lessons to get enough value from the course?

    No, absolutely not!

    The lessons are organized into chapters (see above) so you can get the main idea related to each major point on LinkedIn and go further into depth in any area (or all areas) at your option.


The most important online platform for executives

Run through this course in any way you would like, and come back to it again and again if you want to revise and improve your profile over time.

You can start with the videos and then take a deep dive where you feel you need it, or you can complete the whole course top to bottom for a comprehensive understanding of the LinkedIn platform as used and leveraged by executives today.