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Meaningful Transformation

To learn about the Spring 2024 Executive Leadership Cohort, you can start here.

Meaningful Transformation - The ELC 2024.pdf

But the real story is in the second slide deck below.

Changing the Game

Do you know how sometimes a movie is so good that it really needs two trailers?

Here's our second deck about CHANGING THE GAME through the Spring 2024 Executive Leadership Cohort. 

Changing the Game - The ELC 2024.pdf

It's not about how fast you run.

It's about transforming how you play the game.

What Will This Cohort Do for Me?


Executive Coach / Facilitator Anne Marie Segal

ANNE MARIE SEGAL, founder and principal of Segal Coaching LLC, partners with board candidates, General Counsel and other senior and rising executives to expand their impact and advance their leadership trajectories.

As an executive coach and professional writer since 2015, Anne Marie works with individual clients at key transition points in their careers and on longer-term personal branding and leadership development projects. A significant number of these clients have partnered with Anne Marie for five years or more and sought her support through multiple job changes and/or promotions, including first-time and successive C-Suite roles.

More recently, she has launched a board candidate mastermind and several senior leadership cohorts that offer opportunities for facilitated discussions, group coaching and professional networking.

Anne Marie Segal

Executive & Leadership Coach

Segal Coaching LLC

[email protected]


Facilitator Annette Goodman

Annette Goodman, is a Leadership and Performance Executive Coach, author, facilitator, speaker, and leadership development strategist with an extensive background of more than 25 years of leadership experience in both corporate and non-profit settings, including as a Senior Project Manager at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

As a coach, Annette partners with senior and emerging leaders to create sustainable impact in their professional and personal lives, asking thought-provoking questions to devise personalized solutions. Annette also works with clients who are reflecting on 360 performance feedback, exploring their future direction and career path, strengthening boundaries on their time, and seeking tools to manage their stress and anxiety.

With a focus on incorporating neuroscience principles into her practice, Annette’s coaching clients explore how they can rewire their brains to cultivate new habitual ways of thinking, feeling and communicating. The focus on neuroscience affords clients a deeper understanding of how their brain’s wiring profoundly impacts various aspects of their lives, from cognition and planning to behavior and emotional balance.

Annette co-authored a Yale research paper titled "Cognitive Priming and Cognitive Training," and she also co-wrote a book titled "The Woman Who Changed Her Brain." The book is based on neuroscience, the study of how our brain circulates information from input to output in all facets of our lives..

Annette’s background also includes writing social-emotional curriculum as well as developing and facilitating an Emotional Intelligence certification course for The International Society for Emotional Intelligence. Additionally, Annette designs and leads webinars and workshops on “Emotionally Intelligent Communication: Building Stronger Executive Relationships.”

Annette Goodman

Leadership & Performance Coach

[email protected]


Co-Facilitator Anjli Garg

Anjli Garg is a certified professional coach and has 22+ years of experience as a corporate lawyer and executive leader.

She started her legal career at Sullivan & Cromwell and then transitioned to in-house roles leading global teams, including at American Express, Citibank and State Street.

Using a holistic approach (mind, body and spirit), Anjli coaches high-achieving professionals to soar to their highest potential as leaders and as human beings by enhancing their performance, mindset, communications, leadership and overall wellbeing. Anjli is a mom, immigrant, artist, author, healer and meditator. All of which help her see the world from different perspectives and appreciate the unique challenges of high-achieving professionals juggling competing demands on a daily basis.

She leads workshops, presents and has published articles on topics such as leadership, wellbeing, unconscious bias and DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging). Her clients include corporations, law firms, professional associations, and non-profits.

Anjli is credentialed by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) as an Associate Certified Coach (ACC). She is also a certified professional coach through iPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching). She obtained her J.D. from New York University School of Law.

Anjli Garg

Executive Coach

[email protected]