DA/CB - The Board Mastermind

DA/CB - The Board Mastermind is designed to accelerate your board readiness, enhance your networking and equip you with what you need to launch a successful corporate board search.

Key takeaways of the Mastermind include:

(1) embracing and learning to communicate a board mindset,

(2) connecting with current board members, your fellow board-candidate Mastermind members and the facilitator to create a more effective board-ready presentation and reduce stress in this significant leadership transition,

(3) identifying and honing the delivery of your unique board value proposition, and 

(4) creating and refining your "trifecta" of board-readiness materials (board bio, board resume, and board-related revisions to your LinkedIn profile).


What this Mastermind Offers

Why should you join?

  • You will adopt the mindset of a corporate board candidate

  • You will have the tools and space to organize and integrate input and interactions across your various board readiness activities

  • You will master what you need to know to land a corporate board role

  • You will join a small, collaborative group of colleagues who support each other on the path to the boardroom

  • You will have support and accountability from Segal Coaching LLC

  • You will learn the how to foresee and overcome the pitfalls facing executives who seek their first corporate board role


Executive Coach / Facilitator Anne Marie Segal

ANNE MARIE SEGAL, founder and principal of Segal Coaching LLC, partners with board candidates, General Counsel and other senior and rising executives to expand their impact and advance their leadership trajectories.

As an executive coach and professional writer since 2015, Anne Marie works with individual clients at key transition points in their careers and on longer-term personal branding and leadership development projects. A significant number of these clients have partnered with Anne Marie for five years or more and sought her support through multiple job changes and/or promotions, including first-time and successive C-Suite roles.

More recently, she has launched a board candidate mastermind and several senior leadership cohorts that offer opportunities for facilitated discussions, group coaching and professional networking.

Anne Marie Segal

Executive & Leadership Coach

Segal Coaching LLC

[email protected]